Monday, May 2, 2016

Wish Lists Aren't Just for Kids!!! TPT CELEBRATE SALE

Wish lists!! Growing up I always seemed to have a wish list for things I would like to have, places to visit, things I wanted to do, etc.  As an adult I have one, too. Just now it's more specific listing places I still want to visit, activities I want to try, books I want to read, and places I want to take my granddaughter. 

But what is sooooo exciting for me is that many teachers have found some items in my TPT store things they want enough to put on their Wish List!!!  I am honored!   Jen over at Teaching in the Tongass created this Linky Party for you to see some amazing wish listed items!! I know you will be like me and find some treasures I stuck right in the cart, especially since TPT is having its annual Teacher Appreciation sale, May 3rd & 4th!! 28% off quickly had me adding items to my CART!! Check out my top 3 wish listed items, are they yours? Don't forget to use CODE:CELEBRATE for your 28% savings!

VERBS QR CODE WRITING ACTIVITY CUBES: My students love using technology1! I am sure most do! It is new, hands-on, engaging, and part of the 21st century! Let's face it, VERBS can be a bit boring!! I created these QR Cubes as a way for my students to practice action, linking, and helping verbs in a fun and meaningful way: by writing!! My students love these and don't mind when I throw them in my centers all year long for easy, engaging review.

POWERS OF TEN/BASE TEN EXPONENTS BUNDLE: Fifth grade is where students learn about exponents and powers of ten.  It is a difficult concept for them to understand.  I couldn't find material that was engaging for my students so I created these 2 card sets.  One is perfect for Matching Game, Go Fish, or find your partners move around activity, while the other set are task cards that are great for Scoot, exit slips, or a center.


WOULD YOU RATHER? 44 GETTING TO KNOW YOU QUESTIONS & WRITING PROMPTS:  I love getting to know my students.  I use writing and oral activities to get to know them and for opportunities for them to know their classmates.  These 44 cards give students questions to share which they would rather have, eat, do, or visit.  These are a hit all year long.  I use them in the beginning of the year for oral get to know "you's" where students stand in two circles facing each other.  The outer circle has the cards.  They tell the inner circle their choice of what they would rather do and then the inner shares.  I call out "Inner circle rotate one step to your right." And we start all over again.  Throughout the year, I place these in my writing center where they write detailed paragraphs.  They look forward to the variety and the chance to write something THEY enjoy!! These have been so popular, the second set will be out in a few weeks!! Leave your email below in the comments and I will let you know first!

To find more amazing products for your cart, head over to Teaching in the Tongass and follow the loop!