Monday, September 8, 2014

Currently September Link Up

September isn't over yet, so technically I can still link up to Oh' Boy 4th Grade's CURRENLY Linkup party! Right?!

I love weekends and wish they were all longer!!! I really think I could dig having a 4 day work week!!

The biggest thing on my currently list that I have to buckle down and get cracking on is my daughter Susie's bridal shower! There are so many wonderful ideas out there that at times I am honestly overwhelmed!! The added pressure of wanting it to be perfect doesn't help!!

I have spent time redoing some of my original TPT products.  They needed a sprucing up and color adjustment. I really have to find time to do them all......... Ever feel like that old Calgon commercial? The woman was overflowing with work so she calls out "Calgon take me away!"  I keep waiting on Calgon to show up.. hasn't happened yet so I better keep on getting on!!

Have a great week everyone! I have Back to School Night on Thursday!! I will be ready for my weekend come Friday!

Monday, September 1, 2014

4 Days Under my Belt!! Let's Celebrate!! Product Updates!

We have 4 days under our 2014-2015 school year belt!! I currently have 31 students and unfortunately will probably lose at least one next week as my school starts to move students around to rooms that are under enrolled. While I don't want to have 31 students, it is always a difficult procedure to do once students have been with you for several days. They are used to your teaching style by then and you are used to their learning style.  I always cringe knowing I have to shift a student out.  A few years back, I had to shift 3 students as I was really over. One of those students never spoke to me again the entire school year. She took the move really personal! One was glad to leave because he knew my reputation for being tough.. haha!! And the other took it in stride. I always try to put myself in my students' shoes when making these moves. Keep your fingers crossed for a smooth transition!

Several of my blogging friends are hosting some amazing giveaways!!
I am always amazed at teachers' creativity!! There are so many products on here I want to win!!

First on your giveaway journey, head over to The Learning Center where I and a bunch of other fabulous stores have donated products and winner's choice items to help Danielle celebrate having 500 followers!!

Then check out Mrs. Beattie's Classroom where she is celebrating 1000 followers with several giveaways, including $20 spend in her TPT Store! She has donations for K-2, 3-5,as well as 6th! Not just one donation either.. Check out these cool blogs today to win BIG!!

 How was your 3 day weekend? I won't see another one of these babies until November, so I tried to really enjoy it! I spent time with my girls, (20+ year olds still count as girls, right?!), my hubby who continued to celebrate his birthday, read, played my ipad games!, and revamped my 2 Powers of Ten and Base Ten Exponent card sets. One set is for matching the 5 ways students need to be able to recognize exponents and the second is a Scoot/Task Card set. All in all, one relaxing weekend!