Monday, May 2, 2016

The Classroom Clique's Teacher Appreciation Giveaway and FREEBIES!

Hey you! Yes, YOU!! You have to be an educator if you found your way to my blog today!!! Welcome!!!! I am so excited to have you join me for some fun tips, a teacher freebie, and a chance to meet some of my Clique Friends as we celebrate Teachers.  If you are a paraprofessional or work with students, you are welcome to join in the fun!!!

Do you use collaborative groups?  My school is a GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) school and we use a wonderful grouping and job mechanism known as Numbered Spoons.  Whenever you need to assign jobs, or have partners created in a jiffy or want one person from each table to hold a special assignment, then this classroom tip is for you.   Have students number off in 4's, mine are seated this way so that makes it easy! Then pull a spoon and all students that represent that number for their table, do the task.  Perfect for table games against each other! I use numbered spoons all day long, every day.  For science, I post the number with the job: 1. iPad recorder 2. Supply Gatherer 3. Director, make sure instructions are being followed and everyone is participating 4. Scientist!   These are perfect for language arts! 1. Directions Reader and Director  2.  Read the passage aloud  3. Hunt for Evidence as well as explain to your teammates how you found the evidence  4. Reporter: report out to whole class!

Really the ideas are endless and the best part?!  The tools are easy and inexpensive to get!! 4 Plastic Spoons, use a Sharpy and write one number on each spoon.  Put them in a cup, bucket, etc. and off you go!!!! Simple way to get classroom participation and have jobs so everyone is held accountable.

 Happy Week of the Teacher!!! During this week, I have students write to the teachers they had in past years.  Sometimes we use this writing QR Cube to give us ideas.  Other days I have them use the cube and write about me!! This 6 sided cube has 6 prompts for students to write about their teacher.  Great memories for those days you want to pull your hair out!! 

To honor Teachers everywhere, TPT is throwing a sale and WE here at The Classroom Clique are showing our appreciation with freebies and giveaways!! Collect the word at each blog's stop and enter it in the Rafflecopter below!! Great prizes!!!  Make sure you scroll through the Rafflecopter to see the goodies! TPT gift card, Starbucks gift card and Target gift card!!! Winner, Winner all the way around!!

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