Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gift Giving Made Easy!!

Do you ever wonder what to give a relative or a colleague for a gift? How about YOUR child's teacher?  I alwaysssss freaked out when thinking of amazing gifts that my friends and kids' teachers could actually use and benefit from.  As a teacher myself, I knew gift giving was always something to enjoy, laugh about, be thankful for and sometimes a little stressful for all those involved.   We all have stories of how our students often feel the pressure of gift giving, too, and sometimes wrap items from Mom or home to give when they aren't financially able to.

Well, don't find yourself in this boat.  I have a list of few handy, dandy gift ideas you can easily gift to any teacher, or friend for that matter, male or female!! My husband is a teacher, too, and often male junior high teachers are the hardest to purchase for!!!

For anyone in your life, a gift certificate to a book store or a place that sells books would be IDEAL!!! I have at least 100 books on my Amazon Wish List!!

Who can resist Target?  If I had a Wish List for Target, it would be easily as long as my book wish list!! I often fear I could easily spend $100 in the Dollar Section!! Anyone with me on that?!

However, for me, the BEST gift of all are the ones that are like a buffet or a smorgasbord!!  A basket, plastic bin, mug, cup,... you get the idea, filled with goodies that I can use and enjoy!!! My son loves baseball and played for years!! I scored and found glass baseball shaped and textured mugs at Marshalls! I am going to fill them with his favorite candy and pop some gift cards in one and his other favorite thing, socks with personality, into the other!!  Easy Peasy and the items inside are all things he will definitely use AND enjoy!!! This mug isn't finished, but trust me! He will love those socks!!

A TPT Gift card always heads the top of my Wish List!!  My own kids are great about gifting me those!! My other family, aka my mom and my dad don't quite understand the whole concept of Teachers creating curriculum resources out of their own pocket and time! So I know I will never, ever receive a TPT gift card from them!!  

To help you with your gift giving, hey you can gift yourself you know, below is a Rafflecopter to enter for a $10 TPT gift card!!  Treat yourself, surprise a coworker, or gift to your own child's teacher!! Believe me, it will be valued and appreciated!!!!   Thank you TPT for your generosity in donating this card to the teacher community!! I am so proud to be affiliated with TPT!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Head over to An Apple for the Teacher to enter her $10 TPT Giveaway also!  GOOD LUCK & Happy Gift Giving!