Sunday, January 24, 2016


I grew up in Tennessee where sports and loyalty to sports teams go long and far.  Peyton Manning is a southern legend! Not just because his dad was a professional southern league quarterback, but because he was the QB for the Tennessee Volunteers!! 

You can still #16 orange jerseys throughout Tennessee and Peyton Manning Way and Locker Complex are must see's when visiting Neyland Stadium! Photo credit

I followed Peyton's career to Indianapolis along with the rest of my southern family and hung faithful as he found his way out west with my second childhood favorite team, the Denver Broncos. I remember cheering Elway on during his Super Bowl victories and I am beyond thrilled to go back there again with Peyton in SUPERBOWL 50!!! Two weeks from today we will be screaming and wearing orange and blue in this house!!! 

I hope you will be cheering on with the Big Blue Bear that sits outside of Denver's Convention Center in 2 weeks!! I am so proud of the DENVER BRONCOS and their perseverance!! They showed what determination through hard times is all about!! 

I have teamed up with my Bronco blogging teacher friends for today's amazing AFC Championship Win!  Follow along in our blog hop, picking up amazing football freebies to use with your class and enter the Rafflecopter for your chance to win gift cards to TPT, Papa John's Pizza, and Cinemark movies!!  

My students love using technology. I created these Football QR Code Writing Prompts for them to write about next week before the Super Bowl.  They scan one card or one side of the cube, open it into NOTES on the iPad
and can finish writing to the prompts.  The notes can be uploaded into Google Docs, Educreations Application, or emailed to me.  They really enjoy writing this way. Look for this set to make it into my Growing Bundle!  

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter Blog Hop Southern California Style!

While Southern Californians don't get snow like some of our northern or eastern California friends do, we often have crazy, strong winds that cause us to feel like we are experiencing arctic temperatures! But that is rare!! Just look at my students at PE this last week.  January, Schmanuary!! 

But of course, we also have to dress up like we are in the middle of a blizzard, too! Well, at least, my cat does! She loves hiding under the comforter in the winter! 

Because our winters are usually so mild, we are able to still experience fun outdoor attractions like the Santa Monica Pier, Universal Studios Hollywood, Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles, and of course the beach! 

While we wait for El Nino to really hit, enjoy my Winter QR Code Writing Prompts.  You can print them as a QR Code Cube or as individual cards for students to scan and write! 

For more So Cal Winter Freebies and Fun, click on LisaTeachR's Classroom Blog button below. 

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

I love the start of New Year's Resolutions!!


A New Year always brings new promises, new decisions, new resolutions to change one thing or a bunch of things in your life.  2016 is no different!!

I am so blessed in so many ways! The one area I am resolving to work on for me, as well as my family, is taking care of myself.  I had a rough end to 2014 and spent all of 2015 healing and prospering. I work every day in different areas of healing and I vow to continue to do that in 2016!

My class rocks!! I have amazing students who work hard and want to learn everything.  They give me 100% of themselves daily. I resolve to continue developing and implementing engaging and hands on learning lessons and opportunities for their continued success!!


In 2015, I worked the hardest on my TPT business than 2014, for numerous reasons.  I still went slowly in several areas due to my recovery from a brain aneurism but I met many of my goals! I have more to achieve, but isn't that the point? If you meet them all, then you kind of settle for achieving the level you are currently at.  I am not settling!! 2016 is going to be the best ever!! I am going to blow this up!!!!

An Apple for the Teacher $75 Giveaway! Guess Who's Participating?

2016 has already brought many blessings to my family.  I hope it brings at least as many to you and yours. 

I am so excited to kick start this year off with a $75 giveaway sponsored by An Apple for the Teacher and 10 of her friends, including ME!!! You read correctly! $75!!! You know you can definitely use it to get some great goodies off of your wish list!!!   Click on the link below and join in the fun before January 13th! Tweet and share about the giveaway for an extra chance!

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