Sunday, September 20, 2015


I am a Southern Girl at heart. Born and raised in Tennessee, I know what SEC and NFL football is all about!! Loyalty and working hard!! For me, Peyton Manning is FOOTBALL!! So if he is playing for the University of Tennessee Volunteers, the Indianapolis Colts, or the DENVER BRONCOS that will be the team I am pulling for!!!

As you could see from my Instagram,Peyton reached the 70,000 yards thrown milestone!! AND he ran his famous 2 minute offense perfectly for the Broncos to tie the Chiefs.  With a lot of luck from his defensive friends, the Broncos won their 2nd straight game! To help them celebrate, I am linking up with Powerpoint Gaming's Football Freebie Frenzy!! For their hard work, you will find my STEM Engineering Challenge: Design and Make a Table free for the next 24 hours!! Feedback is greatly appreciated!!! 

 Let's go Peyton!! Check in next week to see what is free or discounted!!