Sunday, March 29, 2015

Celebrating the Spring in Our Step Linky & Giveaway!!

Wow, I definitely need a spring in my step! It is hard to believe that all of my colleagues are beginning their 2 week, much deserved, definitely needed SPRING BREAK!!! I feel like I have been on a spring break for months recuperating from my November surgery. I miss my colleague, students and the curriculum... I know, call me CRAZY!! I am grateful for the opportunity to celebrate Spring with you, courtesy of some pretty amazing women!!  Are you ready for spring?  Join us on this awesome hop as we celebrate everything spring brings with it!
While spring only officially sprung up a few days ago, my house has been like spring since January! I am blessed to live in California now where it is warm 90% of the time.  I see others pictures of snow filled backyards and I can only barely remember growing up in Tennessee with cold, frozen toes on snow days!  I definitely remember the great times playing in it, but can't remember how much all of the adults dreaded snow days and no school!! Currently, I have these beauties in multiple colors throughout my house as I enjoy my 70 plus days!  Three days this week it was close to 90.. gasp!!

Spring has always been about baseball!!! Since my son was 4 he has played and now that he will be 24 this week, he is still playing!! Finishing up senior season, but still out there swinging that bat.  We hope he continues to play forever.  When he was 4, he slept with his entire uniform on the night before the game, including hat and cleats! It was a riot! And now, his hair is what he says the fans love.. boys!! And as it is with every spring, I simply can NOT wait to see my boy play ball soon!!


My students love technology!  I can't believe how much more writing I get from them when they are typing it onto an ipad or sending it via email to me! My Spring QR Code Writing Cube gives your students 6 topics to choose from to write about spring!

What better way to enjoy spring break than with a great book?  And all great books need a way to mark the spot when you pick it back up from a dip in the pool, ocean, or lake, from a game at the park, or a stroll through a museum. FREE Spring Into a Good Book is just a click away!
Thanks for swinging by and sharing your SPRING with me!! Keep the spring in your step at the next stop!

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Saturday, March 21, 2015


I know in many places spring has not marched in like a lion yet! I really do apologize to those of you who I saw were in the throes of a few more inches of snow this weekend!! I am not one of those since I am sitting in 70's sunny spring California weather! I do know that snow can continue into April as I grew up in Tennessee and actually had that happen... we even lost spring break!!! Talk about cruel!

Regardless of where you live, I am so excited to share some great products along with a $40 gift card to TPT with you!!!! Yes, you did read correctly... $40!! I have so many items on my wish list that I secretly wish I could win!!!!!  All you need to do, is simply follow our stores from one to the other and when you reach Ladies with Class, you will have the opportunity to enter the rafflecopter for a $40 TPT gift card!! Don't forget to pick up the free goodies along the way and we would love you forever if you took the extra few seconds to leave feedback!!

Ladies with Class is a collaboration between educators throughout the country. We all teach in different school environments, grade levels, with different populations, but the one thing we have in common is our desire to be the best educators we can for our students! Come along and meet us!

In case you missed my original post about linking literature with art, here's your 2nd chance link!  I love linking art and writing in my classroom. I don't know how it is in your classroom, but my students will practically beg for art! We have a project weekly that we work on so I have learned how to cure that begging bug, but I am so energized by their desire and enthusiasm to create and let their artistry flow. 

For joining us in our First Ever blog hop with Ladies with Class, free for the next 3 days is my Spring QR Code Writing Cube with 6 spring prompts for your students to freely respond to. This item will only be free during the hop!  All you need is a device that has a QR Code reader installed on it.  Once you have the app, the rest is simple! Open the app, roll the cube, scan the code and respond to the prompt! You can have students write directly in the Notes app and then email it or take a picture and send to you.  You can also always have them write onto any themed or unthemed paper of your choice!  Your students won't even realize how much they are writing due to the overall engagement of integrating technology!!

March your way on over to Looney's Literacy for more goodies! Don't forget to ROARRRRRR your way over to our Rafflecopter to enter for a chance for a $40 TPT gift card!!!!!  Click on Looney's Literacy button to head to next location!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Lucky You! Lopez Land Learners Style!

I have so much to thank me lucky charms for this March 17th and to celebrate I am hooking up with some amazing bloggers to get you in a Leprechaun and Luck mood!!
If you are looking at my blog page, you will see it has been neglected since last October! In November, I suffered a brain aneurism and had to have surgery.  After 12 days in the hospital and 4 months of stay at home recovering and recuperating, my body finally cooperated with me as I knew it was time to start to slowly work back into my own self.  I am extremely fortunate, I know that! It is so unfortunate that so many people are not as lucky as I am when it comes to receiving medical attention in time.  I am not back to work in my classroom yet, but every day I work more and more to obtain that goal.  I look great, fabulous I hear, but the brain takes a lot longer to heal than any other organ according to my neurologist, so I am left in slow mode. I am thankful I have this time to recover. In the past 4 months, I have worked up my stamina and ability to use an electronic device for an increased amount of minutes.
I love technology and my students really enjoy scanning QR Codes! I created a writing cube for you where all you need to do to enjoy it is to copy the cube template onto cardstock, as many as you need for your class (mine share during reading team) cut out the template, fold along the dotted lines, glue works best to hold it together, and wahhh lahhh, you have a 6 sided cube with 6 different writing prompts for your students to enjoy about St. Patrick's Day.  Just click for your very own. St. Patrick's Day QR Code Writing Prompt Cube

May you have an amazing St. Patrick's Day filled with the luck of the IRISH and as many pots of gold as you can carry! But before you walk off, follow the rainbow over to 2SmartWenches and see what lucky charm they have in store for you!