Friday, November 29, 2013


My SLANT box buddy Gary Boo'ed me obviously in October... but somehow my gmail account decided he was spamming me instead! Today I was cleaning out my folders and saw this and literally screamed NOOOOOO!! My new kitten about jumped out of her adorable white fluffy fur and scurried under my desk.  I will make amends with her in a bit, but first let me make it up to Gary, my very cool ScrappyGuy


I love Halloween and luckily my family does, too! As a kid I remember not really liking Trick or Treating very much.  I was an only kid and the only grandchild. My mom would take me to my grandparents' house where I would show them my HOBO costume ( I swear I have no pictures of me in anything as a kid but a stinking hobo... not that I had anything against hobos or that I had seen very many at that time, but my mom didn't want to spend money on costumes or apparently had a good imagination. The neighbors near my grandparents gave out nutritious things like apples and oranges.  Sigh!!

When I had kids I knew I was going to change things up!! My kids always had costumes, whether they were homemade or store bought princess dresses and we decorated our home to the nines! Given it was a good thing my husband loves Halloween as much as I do! He enjoyed decorating with me and when the kids were older would even dress up and scare them and the bell ringers who happened to stop by to get tricks or treats!! Our kids are in their 20's but we still love Halloween as much as ever.  At school we always dress up! I have been fortunate to work with a solid team of teachers in 5th grade for several years who loved dressing up thematically to match our curriculum.  I have been a rain cloud, a native american, the element Gold, and a state flower, not to mention fun things like a pirate, baseball catcher, and a Crazy LA Dodger fan.  Halloween is the best.  I have a few kids each year who can't celebrate for religious reasons, but they are the minority. Our school has a Halloween parade where all of the kids march around in their costumes by grade level.  Parents flock in to see this year after year.