Sunday, February 7, 2016

SUPER Giveaway and LINK UP!!

BRONCOS AND SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!! I could list you 50 reasons why I am stoked, but then you wouldn't be able to watch the game!! So what I have planned for you instead is a link up and giveaway with an amazing group of talented teacherpreneurs who came together to give you SUPER TIPS, SUPERB CLASSROOM RESOURCES, and SUPERFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS PRIZES!!! Say that 3 times fast!

Wanting your students to participate a tad more?  Are they sitting in groups of 4?  4 is the best number for teams. Odd numbers are great for many things, but when you need partners or multiple students working together, 4 is perfect for creating team jobs.  I use what we call Numbered Spoons. Click on the link for my original post on this collaborative resource I use daily in my class! You simply have students number themselves off 1 through 4,  my only rule is you can't be the same number you were the last time you numbered yourselves off.  If there are less than 4 at a table, someone or the two students will need to be 2 numbers and do more than one job.  I call out a number often and will have that numbered student explain the concept to their tablemates, ask a new comprehension question, do a task, give a vocabulary clue, etc.  The number of ways you can use this tip are endless!

As part of the Superb Resources we are giving you will be one of my favorite best sellers, Would You Rather? 44 Card Set of Writing Prompts giving students the choice of whether they would rather do, eat, play, etc. one thing or the other. These are perfect for beginning of the year oral and writing getting to know each other activities as well as throughout the year for free choice writing. Students love the topics and you always receive such genuine unprompted honest responses that will bring smiles and tears to your eyes!

Ready for some chances to win SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS PRIZES?? Sure, you do!!! I want to win!!!! And I am not eligible so a SUPER BRONCOS fan has to win... right?!!!! There are 3 chances to win one of the following PRIZES!!!


Soooo what are you waiting for?  Click on the rafflecopter below for your chances for these SUPERB prizes!!!   Thank you GoNoodle, Knowledge Bound, Pencil Grip, Classroom Friendly Sharpener, Sit Spots, Champagne and Polka Dots Whistles, and the fabulous teacherpreneurs listed in the Rafflecopter.