Saturday, December 28, 2013

Thirteen in '13 Linky Party!!

2013!! What a year it has been.  I, like you, have gone through so many trials, tribulations,treats galore, and triumphant moments! Sitting back thinking of them all is mind boggling!  I am teaming up with Miss Kindergarten's thirteen in '13 linky party. Link up, too, and share your year in review.

 Hmmm, I don't know if I really have a favorite article of clothing, but I love my blue Oakley sunglasses! They used to belong to my son but when his baseball team changed and he needed different ones to look fly with that uniform, I snagged these.  They have been my faithful companions for about 10 years! I take them everywhere and often they can be found on top of my head while I teach. My blue eyes love how dark these glasses are in the sunlight.

I love Melissa McCarthy! She is hilarious.  I wish we had known they were filming part of Bridesmaids here in Oxnard. Susie and I would have been there in a heartbeat!

 Yes, I do tune in every week to see if Alicia gives in to her senses and just leaves her skanky hubby Peter for oh so sexy, Will. 
La Pastai Italian Restaurant in the Sainte Claire Hotel in downtown San Jose, CA. We ate there this summer and went back the next night for more spumoni direct from Italy.  Best part of San Jose is our other favorite Italian restaurant is in the back of the same building, Original Joe's. Bon appetit!

 Besides this blog, it would have to be Teachers Pay Teachers. I finally took the bull by the horns, threw the nerves to the side and went out and created a few activities. I have tons more in store for this year! I have found so many wonderful activities and if anyone enjoys mine as much as I have theirs, I would be in heaven!!

 The gift of health. My husband, Art, had a serious health scare this year. We had many months of worries, concerns, fears, and prayers. We are very blessed that he is healthy and happy. Thankful doesn't even seem large enough to cover our happiness and gratitude. Don't take any day for granted!

 My oldest, Susie, is getting married in 2014! We have looked at so many boards and posts. I love scrapbooking and photography and this one just seemed a perfect blend of all 3!

 Hmm, this is tough.  I love reading everyone's and I love writing on mine. I don't have a favorite, more like a goal to include more on mine each week! 

 Hands down it would have to be my 2 wins this year as a romance writer.  I won First Place and Third Place in two separate contests.  Maybe someday soon I can say my best accomplishment for the year will be selling a book!!

Couldn't do just one! Love him more than I did 27 years ago!!

We are so blessed to live near the ocean. Hunting sea glass is one of our favorite past-times. We love traveling. This year we began with a trip back across the country from visiting family in Tennessee, continued with a trip to Virginia City, Nevada during spring break, San Jose during summer and New Mexico during Veteran's Day.  Bearizona was an amazing place to visit! Another wonderful treat we found near Thanksgiving was our new princess, Duchess.  She is a cuddly ball of fur and I will miss her when Susie takes her with Sam when they make their new life together.

 I have sooo many goals for 2014.  Continue writing, continue blogging, continue living each day to the fullest, gosh, that is a lot of continues!! Maybe I should just say... Take each day as it comes and enjoy every second of it. Spending more time with my family is one goal I will definitely accomplish.

Unbelievable! 2013 has been so unbelievable in so many different ways that I have to pinch myself often to make sure I am really living this amazing crazy life! I pray that 2014 will bring more amazing memories, experiences, and opportunities.


  1. How wonderful that your year was so full of accomplishments. I'm a writer too (still waiting for an agent to call me after all my queries). That is great you won two contests!!! Good luck blogging--love the blue background : )

    Kids Math Teacher

    1. Thanks Lucy! Wow, I feel like Leigh Botts now, I met an author, a real live author! I see from your blog you are an aspiring picture book author.. do your books feature a math theme? I can't wait to read yours in print soon!! A teacher at a neighboring school wrote 3 this year at Scwrip (South Coast Writing Project) and joined some group where you get people to donate money to get it self published.. I think it was something like $5000... Then he joined something else where the group hooked him up with an artist and she ran with his concept.. I can look that info up if you are interested.

      As for me, I just have to make the time I guess honestly, and get out there and pitch to agents... that is the hardest part for me. Writing that synopsis, then pitching why they should want this book. I am working on developing that confidence!! Thank you for your post... I always look forward to your math ones and would definitely look guest blogging with you in June and December!