Monday, May 4, 2015

What Works? Teacher Appreciation Linkup & Giveaway!!

Spring has sprung, testing for most is over, so how did the year go? How do you know?  Are you critical of yourself or think back and wonder did you cover and teach them everything? If you are, you are.... wait for it..... NORMAL!!! Yes, extremely normal!!  You have to remind yourself that you made an amazing impact on those children's lives regardless of how critical you are on yourself! From my 18 years of teaching, I have a few secrets that will keep you from pulling out all of the hair you are going to need come August when a new set of bright eyed babies enter your realm.  To prepare for that, try these few steps and see if you can find the strength to reach back and pat yourself on the back and say, "Hey, job well done!"  To remind you of the amazingness of you and everyone you work with, I have teamed up with some pretty amazing educators to bring you a Teacher Appreciation Linkup and Incredible Giveaway!!! Sit back and enjoy!!!! PAWSitively Teaching and Inspired Owl's Corner have prizes that will knock your socks off.... I guarantee it!!  Be sure and follow the linky and rafflecopter below to win!

  Take pictures! I started taking pictures of students working on projects, of posters and art projects we created, as well as my students working in teams long before it was cool! I know for some of you uhm, experienced teachers out there, you can hear Barbara Mandrell singing about being country when country wasn't cool!  For you, uhm, younger folks, you tube her!!  Why take pictures? My colleague used to ask me that all of the time!! Well, taking pictures not only gives me little treats to send home as end of the year gifts in mini albums or student yearbooks, but it also makes me realize how much I did that year and how my students always are engaged. No one is ever pouting, saying they are bored, or off topic.. they are always spot on working so hard it makes my heart sing!!

 Celebrate you by keeping the letters and cards the students give you for those days you just aren't quite sure why you do what you do!! These have made my heart more than sing for 18 years and I have all of them!!! Even the ones they write when school first starts and they realize they are in YOUR class..priceless!!

I always enjoy reading my students' writing but when it is their opinions of me it makes it even better!! Provide your students with that chance by downloading my FREE until May 8th Teacher Appreciation QR Code Writing Prompt Cube and having them roll the dice and choose one of the 6 prompts to write about YOU: their favorite teacher!  You will enjoy them for years to come and will remember You are a teacher because YOU are changing young peoples' lives FOREVER!!!  I salute you all!!

Just take a look at everything you could win...One lucky reader will win this entire prize package!!!
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