Sunday, August 2, 2015

TPT Back to School Resources Link Up

It's that dreaded time of year for so many because they are going to miss SUMMER!! And it is that exciting time of year for the rest of us because we are going to meet our new students who will quickly become our newest treasures!

To help get EVERYONE in Back to School mode, I am linking up with Wise Guys for a TPT Back to School Resources Link UP!!!


I am starting my year continuing my use of Brag Tags! My 5th graders loved them last year!! Our jr. high students had them as well and it was great to see them swinging on backpack zippers or tied onto the handle or even worn around necks!!! They even were allowed to trade them in for certain "gifts" like first in lunch line, whole class extra recess points, wear a hat in class day, etc.  If you are thinking about them, think no more. Just grab a set and give it a whirl!!

My Reading Brag Tags promote reading by motivating students to earn a brag tag for simply READING!!! This set has brag tags for every 5 books read up to 50 books, as well as acknowledging Accelerated Reader, AR, points earned. Again from 5 to 50 in this set! All AR points earned are filled with glitter designs!! To save ink, there are 2 sheets per award for books and points, one with a white background and one with a colorful one. There is even an offer for free brag tags when you use pics of these in use with your students on Social Media or in a blog post and then email and tag me.

One of the hardest new concepts for 5th grade math has been the shift in teaching place value with exponents.  My best sellers gives students hands-on engaging task cards and scoot opportunities to play while mastering the concepts.

Common Core Powers of Ten Exponent Task Card & Scoot Set along with Powers of Ten Base Card Exponent Set are now sold individually or as a bundle


If you haven't heard by now, TPT is having their annual BTS sale.  My cart cannot possibly get filled further! Or maybe after reviewing all of the new resources, it can?!?!

Hop around and see what many more goodies to your cart!!



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