Sunday, February 2, 2014

More Giveaways and Bronco Sized Tears

Since my beloved Peyton is probably still crying, I wanted to make sure someone had a great week this week! I found these new blog giveaways that are just sinfully delicious. The continued generosity of educators continues to blow me away. 

Rosie's Rambles and Joy in the Journey both hit milestones and are hosting this larger than large giveaway. There are so many great things they had donated, they had to split it up into multiple giveaways... Ohh, I hope I win something out of there!! I have my eye on a few goodies!

Another give away I ran into is over at Teacher Gems. Once again, I am hoping I find an email this week in my inbox! 


and S.O.L. Train is hosting yet another amazing giveaway!! Hers has multiple ways to win as well. So much goodness in one week, I can't stand it!!

May the winning force be with you all...

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  1. Cute blog. Following you on bloglovin'
    Sherry Clements