Friday, January 3, 2014


HAPPY 2014!!

I am definitely looking forward to an amazing year. My oldest is getting married, my son has his senior year of baseball at college, our youngest will be making some life choices as to where to go next, I will be attending the NEA Leadership Conference in Las Vegas as well as the RA in Colorado, and my dear husband is working really hard with the Catholic Church for the Junipero Serra cause.  2014 will definitely be a busy but fulfilling year for the Lopez Family.

I look forward to Oh' Boy 4th Grade's monthly link up.  The questions usually give me a few moments of relaxation as I sit and reflect. This month there is so much going through my mind!

Artie leaves tomorrow back to the Lonestar State.  I can't wait for spring break to get here as I will be heading out to check out baseball games!! Hard to believe that my baby boy is now a senior in college and this will be his final season.  He has plans to keep playing after college and I pray that they come true! Baseball has been his passion since he was 4 and has carried him and us to wonderful locations. It is always easy to shop for him because there is always some sort of baseball gear on his wish list!

I had such an amazing time flying in for my dad's birthday.  The whole family had wanted to go but with everyone's work schedules, it made it difficult, not to mention big bucks! We were thankful we were all there last year for his 69th.  I was able to see cousins I hadn't seen in years, not to mention spend time with the man I try and live my life like. On my sister's Facebook someone posted that there ain't a better man around than Larry Moore. AMEN!! My dad is the rock of our family and I love him so much!  I have to also love the twang of my roots!

I have enjoyed my break and I want to keep on enjoying it up until the very last second! I return on Tuesday so Monday won't be so bad! And we all know that we and the students love short weeks!

I fell in my classroom a year ago and my elbow keeps giving me fits. I received physical therapy and acupuncture and it felt better for a while. For the past month or so it feels like I am carrying a weight around inside. Hoping to hear what the source of the problem is soon.

We usually leave our tree up until January 6th, the Epiphany, but this year our tree is dry!! I don't think it will make it.  The Epiphany is also known as  Three Kings Day or the day that the Magi visited the Christ child and he was baptized. It is one of the earliest feast days of the Church. I just learned that it marks the beginning of the Mardi Gras.  In Mexico, kids leave out their shoes for little treats to be placed inside them. My great grandfather immigrated from Greece and in the Greek Orthodox faith, a cross is hurled into the ocean and a group of young men dive in to get it. First guy to get it is said to have good luck for the coming year.  I love how this one tradition melds both mine and my husband's heritage into one.  Hmm, we have never celebrated either though.. maybe I should put my shoes outside and see if there are edible and fun treats in them in the morning!

Link up and tell us how January 2014 is starting off for you!

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