Friday, January 10, 2014

Five For Friday Fun-ness: Prime Numbers, Elvis Presley, Makeup and More!!

Yes, yes, I know. Fun-ness isn't a word. But I am not sure how else to describe this week that was supposedly short because we didn't start until Tuesday, but honestly felt super duper long!!  Maybe it was because I had three union meetings this week after school that took me out of my routine! Whatever it was, I am extremely excited that today is FRIDAY and that I have absolutely nothing planned on my calendar for the weekend!!

I am also jazzed about linking up with Doodlebug's Five for Friday! My New Year's YEARLONG Resolution is to really be active in the blogging world, reach out to teachers I have met via Blogger, TpT, and TN.   I have been posting on the TpT forum and have met some amazing people this week alone! Tonight I was rewarded with love from Theresa and Robyn from Pinkadots Elementary! They allowed me to use their super cute polka dotted numbers for my five for Friday!! If you could see me, you would see  me jumping up and down in my seat!! Thank you gals soooo much!!
We jumped back into Math this week by reviewing Prime and Composite Numbers. It was a perfect chance for me to try out my new Prime and Composite Scoot Game I had made during winter break. My kids loved it!! They love being able to get up and move around and were challenged by several of my questions. I am always enthralled at seeing all 30 of my students engaged and excited about what we are doing. 

We followed this up the second day with Kristin Kennedy's Prime Mates QR Code Sorting Activity.  My students are bonkers over anything technological since we are so blessed to have a 1:1 classroom. I love seeing the 4C's in action! My boys really worked hard and showed true collaboration during this activity!

I would be so remiss if didn't give a shout out to the KING of  Rock n Roll... ELVIS PRESLEY!! Fans gathered in throngs this week to celebrate the late Icon's birthday. I am blessed to be a fan, not a fanatic. Art and I have made many friends in the Elvis World and are more than happy to share our Vernon Presley home on Dolan Drive with Elvis fans all over the world.  Here we are with some of our favorite people, Andrew Hearn from Essential Elvis in England, our friend Andy from Wales, and the ever beautiful Linda Thompson, Elvis' longtime girlfriend, and Elvis' stepbrother, Billy Stanley. May the music and spirit of Elvis rock on forever!

My oldest daughter is a makeup artist.  She works independently and gets most of her clients through word of mouth. We are very proud of her and her work even though we know it is a dog eat dog world in her field.  It is extremely difficult to get an agent so everything she does she has to hustle for.  She did the makeup for these pictures last fall and they just recently came out. Her work made the front cover of the digital magazine GIRLYS. Don't let the name fool you! It is a magazine with all kinds of models in different outfits, styles, locations.  Susie Lynn's work has its own section, not to mention this super hot cover.  We saw the pics she took from her cell phone months ago and I knew they were powerful. But to see them up close like this gives me chills.  She amazes me with her talent.

Since my students were a bit slow getting in to the groove this week, we glued in some of our past projects into their 5th Grade Portfolios.  They were so excited to review their past art and writing projects.  It really helped motivate them for the things we began this week.  I used to pass out great pieces like these below as soon as I took them off our wall. But after seeing so many end up in the trash or stuffed in backpacks, I began making portfolios.  We cut construction paper in half, bind them with the binding machine and place all finished projects inside.  The parents are so appreciative when it goes home either at our Art and Author's Fair or the last day of school.

It's finally Friday!! There is a country song that says "It's Finally Friday. I'm free again. I got my motor running for a wild weekend." Wellllllll, if you look at our house tonight, you could see that definitely is not the case.

Do you use Adventure to Fitness?  We started using it last year for indoor PE whenever the Santa Ana winds were too dry and hot, when it was raining or when we just simply wanted a break from our regular PE.  Let me tell you, 5th graders love it!! They never seem to get tired of running in "mega mode" or jumping from log to log.  Some of the lower grades use it, too, and they report similar craziness when the kids are enjoying it!! I really like how they throw in real facts and information throughout their episode so that the kids can learn a bit about whichever country the adventure is in that day.This program is free, but they do have programs for parents to buy to use during vacations and at home.

TGIF!! Thanks for checking in and come back soon now, ya hear!!


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm so excited to have another 1:1 blog to follow. Looking forward to sharing ideas.:)

    iTeach 1:1

    1. Thanks Kristin! I will be shouting you out often as we love QR codes...trying to make my own.. I would love advise on how to make the dice...